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Domestic Relations Department

Our firm handles sophisticated and complex domestic relations issues. Our family law practitioners have skill and broad experience in virtually all types of domestic matters, including:

  • divorces
  • modifications of existing judgments
  • contempt and other enforcement actions
  • interstate custody disputes
  • disputes between cohabitants
  • paternity cases
  • adoptions
  • guardianships
  • appeals, including those establishing new principles of law
  • tax, and related matters, related to marital dissolution

Within these categories of domestic matters, complicated issues arise that require particular expertise, including:

  • analysis and valuation of closely-held businesses, partnerships, sole proprietorships and professional corporations as marital assets
  • location and valuation of undisclosed assets
  • analysis of tax implications of proposed or existing property settlements and support arrangements
  • structuring of complex property settlements involving atypical marital assets
  • design of creative custody and visitation arrangements to meet the special needs of a client, his or her spouse and the children
  • negotiation of antenuptial agreements in a manner maximizing their future enforceability
  • interpretation and application of federal and state statutes related to, among other things, jurisdiction, custody, child support enforcement and health insurance coverage
  • advising clients as to the management of funds received in a divorce action