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Employment Law Practice Group

The attorneys working in the Employment Law Practice Group apply a broad range of business and litigation experience in:

  • human resources administration
  • employment-related litigation
  • individual employment rights
  • labor relations

Our employment law clients include non-profit institutions, manufacturing companies, social service agencies, service businesses and organizations of all sizes. We handle issues including:

  • company-wide policies and practices
  • individual employee performance, conduct, and discipline issues
  • employee selection policies and procedures
  • wage and hour issues
  • employment and termination agreements
  • employee benefits and FMLA
  • employment discrimination and harassment, public accommodation labor law, Fair Labor Standards Act, affirmative action, federal contractor obligations, unemployment compensation and OSHA issues before state and federal administrative agencies
  • employment discrimination and wrongful termination issues pending in federal and state courts
  • disputes involving employment contracts and trade secrets
  • individual employment rights and privacy issues
  • responses to union organizing activity
  • collective bargaining and labor contract administration

The Employment Law Practice Group Coordinator is Mary J. Kennedy.