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Environmental Law Practice Group

Environmental law has grown rapidly in its importance to our clients. In 1984 we established one of the first environmental law practices in Western Massachusetts. Our lawyers and paralegals have since then had extensive experience in handling matters arising throughout the state under federal, state and local regulatory programs, including:

  • CERCLA (federal Superfund) and G.L. c.21E (state Superfund), including implementing regulations and policies such as the Massachusetts Contingency Plan
  • federal and state Clean Water Acts and Clean Air Acts
  • federal, state and local underground and aboveground storage tank and hazardous materials management requirements
  • wetlands law, including obtaining permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and local conservation commissions
  • federal and state hazardous waste laws and facility siting requirements
  • lead paint contamination, abatement and litigation
  • Brownfields redevelopment
  • solid waste management law
  • environmental impact review

Our contacts with regulatory officials and environmental consultants keep us current and help us to develop practical solutions in matters such as:

  • negotiations with federal and state agencies at hazardous waste disposal sites
  • potential environmental liabilities in connection with real estate and business transactions
  • private cost recovery actions for assessment and remediation of disposal sites
  • representation of clients in “citizen suits” civil actions under federal and state law
  • representation of clients before federal, state and local agencies and in civil judicial enforcement actions
  • current and anticipated regulatory requirements, including permitting, release reporting, employee protection, waste management and development activities
  • disputes over insurance coverage for environmental problems

The Environmental Law Practice Group Coordinator is James C. Duda.