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Trustee Support Services

Our Trustee Support Services program is custom designed to help ordinary individuals function as fully compliant, successful trustees.   Services include preparation of trustee accounts, review and guidance on investments, help with record-keeping requirements, advice relative to beneficiary communications and other essential assistance.  Charges are on a flat fee basis.

If you have taken on the role of trustee, you have specific fiduciary duties to administer the trust, invest the assets, and protect the rights of beneficiaries.  Without proper guidance, most individuals would not have the knowledge or the time to do the job properly.  Trustee Support Services allows you to handle your trustee role by providing the help and advice that you need to make you a successful trustee.

In the process of his estate planning, one individual recently commented that “the expertise, ongoing assistance, and monitoring that are provided by [Bulkley Richardson’s] Trustee Support Services make it possible for us to consider family members for … trustee roles”.

If you are serving or have agreed to serve as a trustee or if you are contemplating appointing an individual to serve as your trustee , please get in touch with a member of our Trusts and Estates Department to learn more.